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Nellah Field

Hi there! I just love how my new pack looks. The Halo pack is pure sexy. I just like the look on people's faces when I take it out, and I love how they look at it with admiration. Simply beautiful!

Lara Hardy

Your Bull Smoke pack is the best! Im a new to e-cigarettes, and I found the starter kit affordable, especially since it had 2 batteries and 10 cartridges. It is way cheaper than the other alternatives. Thanks for guiding me through the starting process. Hopefully I will manage to quit smoking soon.

Joseph Chandler

I simply fell in love with the V2 tobacco flavored e-cigarette. They are like the real cigarettes! The have really helped me stay off the real cigarretes, which I believe is healthier. So, thanks alot!

Tired of getting poor quality e-cigarettes? Try the Counterpoint eCigarettes

Did you know that the world's most expensive e-cigarette costs more than £550,000 and is decorated using Swarovski crystals, gold and diamonds? Well, that is how serious people take the e-cigarette. This is also to tell you that the e-cigarette is not just a cheaper option, but a lifestyle. Well, are you ready to create a lifestyle for yourself?

We at Counterpoint electronic cigarettes are here to give you the best vaping experience through high quality e-cigarettes. We stock the best, finest brands.

We stock the following brands:

  • Njoy
  • Volcano
  • Ever smoke
  • Smokefree
  • Apollo
  • V2
  • Joyetech
  • Eonsmoke
  • Blu Cigs
  • Halo
  • Green Smoke
  • Bull Smoke


These are high quality brands, and they are known to give great throat hit. Their flavours are also real and enjoyable. You do not have to rely on us to get a feel of what these brands can offer. If you are an expert vapour, you probably have most of these brands on your list of favorites. If you are just starting, these quality e-cigarettes will give you an experience you will never forget.

What We Offer

We sell e-cigarette packages specific to each brand. They include

  • Starter kits for those who are just beginning their e-cigarette journey. These kits come with e-cigarettes, chargers, lithium batteries, adapters, full, spare cartridges (refillable/disposable) and other accessories. The components of these kits vary depending on the brand.
  • E- cigarette accessories such as spare chargers and adapters, atomisers, clearomisers, cartridges, batteries, drip tips, and carry cases. If you have lost, misplaced or would like to replace any accessory in your kit, we have a selection for you to look at before you make a choice. 
  • Refills with original flavoured e-liquid. We stock branded e-liquid. Therefore, you are assured that the refill liquid will give you the exact throat hit that your e-cig had. Our refill charges vary depending on the volume of the e-liquid, the brand and the flavour.

Why choose e-cigarettes?

People are increasingly turning to e-cigarettes for their daily non-carcinogenic dose of nicotine. Unlike the traditional cigarettes, the electronic alternative uses liquid nicotine, which is vaporised using a battery. The vaporised nicotine is then inhaled through the mouth. The e-cigarette does not come into contact with carcinogenic tar and tobacco, the main components of the traditional cigarette.

E-cigarettes have also gained popularity in recent times after several governments banned public smoking due to the adverse effects it has on secondary smokers. Since electronic cigarettes do not produce any smoke, they do not pollute the environment, and are therefore are more convinient since a smoker need not look for a secluded spot to smoke.

According to numerous studies, electronic cigarettes have been found to help smokers quit the habit, and even remain absinent for up to a year. This is because this device provides the required dose of nicotine, which reduces the craving for tobacco cigarettes. Most e-cigarette brands have created a tobacco flavoured e-liquid, which makes the vaper feel like they are smoking the real tobacco cigarette.

Regardless of your reason to choose the e-cigarette, we are here to provide you with everything you need on your vaping journey.


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